Look Up. Live Life. Be Safe.

About Us

GYHOYA is a Social Impact Lifestyle Brand. 

We are part of a growing movement…a movement which recognizes that the very technology created to bring us closer together has, instead, moved us further apart. 

In the process, that same technology has created an environment that is destructive to RELATIONSHIPS at Home, at Work, at School and in our Communities. Even worse, techology has created a population of Distracted Drivers whose behavior take LIVES.

Your support of the GYHOYA Brand will help us support parents, teachers, communities and interested non-profits in creating campaigns to sustain awareness of the negative impacts of ‘screen-time takeover’, especially Distracted Driving.

Our Designers strive to create products that you will be excited to OWN as a badge of honor or GIFT as a gentle message to those around you. Our unique characters and situations are sometimes funny, sometimes edgy and sometimes controversial. 

Of course, our designers love receiving feedback and cool new ideas. So if you see a #gyhoya worthy moment and want our characters to bring it to life...please DO let us know!

We invite you to share your GYHOYA moments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest using #gyhoya as our battle cry!